Central Strength Member FRP

Cable Strength Member/FRP

International Materials Group, LLC is a leading supplier of central strength members (FRP and ARP) to the North American fiber optic cable industry.  Our FRP and ARP product offering is the industry’s broadest and meets the requirements of all fiber optic cable manufacturers around the world.  Because our strength members are manufactured in four different countries, we have the most secure supply chains in the world. And through our Trusted Customer Partnership Program, we maintain a large inventory of several rod sizes in our regional distribution centers in North Carolina and Texas to be able to respond to our customers’ immediate and urgent needs

For product and technical information regarding central strength members offered by International Materials Group, please contact one of our application engineers at 828-848-4400 or reach out to us at customerservice@imgllc.net


International Materials Group has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the global wire and cable industry as well as a long history of providing exceptional quality products and uncompromising service.

Through our global network of exclusive partners, International Materials Group provides the world’s largest wire and cable companies with the highest-quality materials.